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How to optimize your website SEO
  • 31/Jan/2024
  • 31/Jan/2024
  • Technology

How to Optimize your Website SEO


As technology transforms our lives and shapes the world around us. Has it ever struck you that most organic traffic occurs from search? Some of it comes from social media around approximately 10%. To ensure success in building a virtual marketing strategy, search engines need to be mastered. This blog will give you an introduction to search engine optimization concepts and will explain how optimizing your website improves traffic. It serves as a beginners guide to SEO and how search rankings are determined. In plain words it is about website optimization so that relevance value is understood by search engines and accordingly ranked.

The meaning of SEO

It is vital to understand how search engines operate to understand what SEO actually is especially at a beginner level. There are numerous search engines some popular ones are Google and Bing. Search engine index a web page, remember the old big yellow phone books, but in a digital form rather. Once a website is created, the search engine bots begin crawling the website to comprehend data and index it accordingly. This will allow it to appear in relevant search results. Search engine bots have the capability of contextualized data comprehension of a website. They index on the basis of several factors like authorization and relevance. This is the part where search engine optimization plays a role. The procedure of improving your website for search engines is known as SEO. Keep in mind that SEO work that you do should be page by page. Since, search engines index the pages and not the whole website.

Importance of SEO

To understand further, give a thought about how you perform a search. In cases where you need information from Google regarding a certain topic, you will simply type the topic in the search bar and get results. Which one do you choose? Do you click on the third or fourth or even second link? Didn’t think so or in some cases yes maybe. This showcases the importance of SEO. Once your pages have been optimized for search engines, it aids your ranking. You aim is to be on top of the list.

How do you perform SEO for a website?

Let us take a look at SEO from a novice level and check out some tips on how to improve a website –

Keyword research

Using relevant terms and keyword research play a critical role in SEO. An indication of your article’s main topic is a keyword. A keyword ensures the possibility of your article being found once an online search is conducted regarding an interesting topic. It means that the word typed in the search bar is the keyword. Therefore, ensue that keywords are in alignment with the search intent of a target audience. Shorter keywords have a prominently high search volume and are a bit harder to rank. Keywords that are long-tailed have a lowered search volume but are more specific. The best option would be a mixture of both. It would be ideal to take search volume and ranking difficulty into consideration regarding the keyword.

Keyword placement

Keywords should be placed all throughout a page but be careful of keyword stuffing. Your page or blog contains different keywords of relevance. The keywords used should be in the Title, URL, first and last paragraph and image tags.

Quality content

Content that creates engagement among readers should be written. Important information should never be left out and every topic should be covered. The audience that you are targeting should get all the in-depth information and answers that they require. The amount of words does not necessarily mean good quality. Covering your topic is one aspect another is your content should be clear, crisp and to the point, and of course, elegance and conversational works wonders.

Image Optimization

Images play a vital role in SEO from a perspective of readability whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level. They aid in visualization of content and understanding. The image description can be crawled, which makes it effective in SEO. You will notice that while searching even images pop up and play a role in keyword search. It is an effective method of paving a path for your website. Furthermore, image size also matters since website speed is an important fact.

Updating pages and content

Trends and data tend to change rapidly so it is important to do a periodic SEO-audit to update content. Outdated information will get you penalised in rankings. Review older pages as well as sites and check for correct optimization post evaluation of content.

Permalinks and hyperlinking content

When you access a webpage a URL can be seen, that’s the permalink. It should not be lengthy and keep in mind that it is permanent so be careful and determine the right one. It should briefly give a description of the website as it speaks a lot regarding the website structure.

Hyperlinking refers to linking a current post to a previous one. It contributes towards improved user experience by aiding the reader in exploring further content and permits navigation to other pages on your website.


SEO is a continuous process but as time passes and experience gained your position will shift from beginner to advanced. Publishing posts of relevance on a blog often is the best method to improve rankings. Once marvellous content is written, promote posts to reach out to an audience that is further. It can be done organically which means that it can be shared on social media via a newsletter. Another way would be PPC (Pay per click) or paid advertisement. Bothe equally vital for adoption of an effective marketing strategy and should be performed at some time. Organic approach will enable you in creating a flow of communication with your clients that will last.

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