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The evaluation and upscaling of IT governance
  • 13/Feb/2024
  • 13/Feb/2024
  • Technology

The Evaluation and Upscaling of IT Governance.


Information technologies (IT) have drastically revolutionized the business world and concerning the context of the information age organisations have significantly increased their IT investments, which has become a major competitive component for organisations. Certain studies have depicted empirically: the constructive relationship between corporate profit increase and the utilization of IT in business procedures, the rise in productivity, the improvement in execution of processes bring about elevated enterprise performance, and the upscaling in the execution of services. The application of these resources is not sufficient to get the anticipated uses of IT strategy. However, these resources offer a potential in which the organisation should develop and adjust to their specified business context, utilizing management skills. Entrepreneurs depict through their studies that organisations exhibit a successful return on Information Technological investment, possess improved IT management practices which permit them to shape their organizational routines in order to meet business requirements.

The evaluation and upscaling of IT governance is vital as it permits companies to regulate if they are actually making productive management of their Information Technology, to secure utmost benefits and management of the risks that are in association.

Let us discuss as to how you can scale and improve your IT governance model.

1. Assessing present state

Prior to scaling an IT governance model, you have to deduce where you presently stand and your destination. A comprehensive assessment needs to be conducted regarding present IT governance applications, execution and results. The advantages and disadvantages need to be identified as well as the threats of the current model. Evaluate how it positively supports your strategic aims, business needs and expectations of stakeholders. Your IT governance need to be benchmarked against the best practices and industrial standards. Also, you may scope out key areas which encompass a broad range like strategy, risk, performance and compliance.

2. Defining of desired state

On the basis of your assessment, define your present condition of IT governance. What would be your aims, results and benefits you wish to reap from scaling your model. How to estimate and monitor development and improvement? What are the prime principles and guidelines that will steer IT governance decisions and executions? What are the IT strategic notions? Taking into consideration the roles and responsibilities as well as participants and stakeholders, alignment with corporate strategy. As mentioned by Neirotti, and Paolucci in their work, Assessing the strategic value of Information Technology: An analysis on the insurance sector – the increase in productivity of a company is depicted through a positive link between company profits and IT utilization.

3. Design of the scaled model

Once the desired state has been designed, next is to design the IT governance model. Visualize the scope of the model, this would include domains, functionality and specific activities which are on priority and balanced. The structure is vital as well, organizing and coordination of IT management processes which align with structure and culture. In addition, policies, regulations and frameworks need to be established for securing compliance and consistencies across the IT portfolio. Tools, platforms and information or data sources should be considered. Last but not least, the abilities needed for a successful model would include behaviours and capabilities which need to be developed in the team.

4. Implementation

Post designing of the scaled model, it needs to be implemented in stages and in an iterative manner. Begin with a pilot or prototype to examine and validate assumptions. Collect feedback and data from participants of IT strategy and analyse conclusions for identifications that lead to IT risk management, gaps and issues. Balance and improve the scaled model in accordance. Then, repeat till the desired state is reached. Improvement of hiring services and software development services may be implemented

5. Review and Improvisation

IT governance model scaling is not an occasional project but is rather continuous in nature. It will need to be reviewed and enhanced on a regular basis to ensure effectiveness and relevance. Establishment of a feedback loop a well as learning culture will enable the capture and application of lessons learned from activities. IT governance improvement can only be achieved then. Look for eternal input for comparison and contrast of IT management with others.


Here we presented a fresh standard procedure for analysis, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of IT governance in a company. The process considers an alignment between the business processes and IT resources as well as IT risk management. The structure of the proposed phases, ensure the series of continuous upscaling for IT governance. The phases of design and implementation on the basis of assessment and best practices provide guidance for the framework of IT governance and IT management processes as a key proposition for upscaling.

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